Guest Comments

Quotes from the Mayan Baths Guest Book – English

Magical, beautiful, energetic, loving place. Thank you so Much!

Words fail to describe this wonder, this wonder under. This Vibe

The place is amazing!!

A. W. E. S. O. M. E. Nothing else to say

What a beautiful slice of heaven – We can’t wait to come back

All the senses are awakened here – and moved again into the best dream ever!

I died and went to the Mayan Baths – better than heaven

Under the Stars Or in a star… Who can tell!

Meow – That’s what I think! Thanks!

Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Heaven!!!

Thank God For The Eclectic Mind: Best To You As You Finish Your Grand Project

This is the most magical, moist and indulgent form of debauchery. You should both be the king and queen of hedonism. Nay, you are the Gods of hedonism. Viva los Topos!

This is my dream. Thank you for creating it.

Thank you for the most amazing experience ever!!! Going back to Sweden no one is going to believe this… Cause words will never be enough. Forever grateful for having us! We hope to have you over in Stockholm!

The Mayan Baths are my favorite part of San Miguel! I could overwhelm you with kind comments.!

Quotes from the Mayan Baths Guest Book – Español

La experiencia mas hermosa que le envidio. Por que involucra Naturaleza, Historia, Energía y Amor

Increíble tu espació, te admiro mucho, esta lugar es mágico, igual que tu. Con mucho cariño.

Hermano de la energía cósmica. Hermano de luz, dios vive a través. Lo que yo veo es lo que yo soy
Ac Tah – Mayan Shaman

Esta es el mayor sitio del mundo

En esta sitio sale lo mas bello que tenemos y el amor parece sé lo que siempre nos ha movido. Gracias por hacer esto posible

Nuestra noche inolvidable en nuestra primero, pero no ultima

Gracias por hacer un lugar tan agradable. Realmente lo disfrutamos mucho. Felicidades!

Es un lugar maravilloso